Abigail Sobotka-Briner

BA Architecture studies

BA Studio Arts

University of Pittsburgh



I am interested in the connections between form and structure; I often focus on the human figure and draw inspiration from architectural references. I play with texture and depth, using geometric shapes and simple lines inspired by spatial associations to delve into emotions and explore topics that I need to make tangible. Recently I've been focused on the importance of  process, observing the outside influences that impact each aspect of the work, the motion  associated with creating, and the act of embracing unexpected changes to the development of the work along the way. I paint with oils and acrylics, draw with charcoal, ink, and graphite, dabble with film and video editing, and explore print-making and 3D sculpture in wood and metal. 

I am passionate about art and architecture because they can make emotion and intention into visible experiences; there is beauty in built form and a voice in the visual arts unlike any other. I am eager to learn and get involved in the architecture and design world and I welcome the input of professionals and mentors in the field. 



Burning Man

Venice Afterburn


Senior Art Show, University of Pittsburgh

Light it Up, University of Pittsburgh


HAARCH architectural exhibition, University of Pittsburgh